Learn more about us and our mission

Purpose and Goal

The ADAPT Political Action Committee was established for the purpose of supporting the Psilocybin Services Act for Washington ballot initiative, which would establish safe, accessible, and legal access to psilocybin-assisted counseling under Washington state law. ADAPT’s primary objectives are to educate the general public about safety and beneficial uses, raise funds for the initiative campaign, and garner support for the 2022 general elections.

The Next Steps

  • Raise sufficient funds for the ballot effort in 2022.
  • Provide educational and community events, to help educate the voting public on the broad implications of medical psilocybin for therapeutic use.
  • Highlight communities which will benefit specifically treatment-resistant populations suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction issues.
  • Cultivate new volunteers for the ballot effort and educate volunteers on outreach and mission of the PAC.
  • Identify resources for fund-raising through networking, research, and engagement with big donors who care about making psilocybin therapy accessible.